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Visit to Local US Consulate General | Voted Agreement of Independence

10 January 2020 # April 15, 2020

I visit US Consulate with prior arrangement so as to invite US Consulate to speak out for Independent HKN and to persuade previous officials to leave Independent HKN but they believe they are not at such position. The White House again agrees to step in.


Air Force One HKN

11 January 2020 # April 23, 2020

As First President of Independent HKN, I am invited to visit this Air Force Academy to prepare the new Air Force One HKN.


# Honorary American Citizen 2020 | Capital One and Fund Raising

11 January 2020 # Official May 3, 2020.

Can you believe that leaking of the credit information on Carrie Lam is from local? Such kind of gesture shows the anger from local citizens against her. A reminder to you about this reality!

# Loan under Trump White House for real June 3, 2020.


Visit to United Christian Hospital | CreditWise Clear

11 January 2020 # April 14, 2020

Tung Lam as President of Independent HKN makes a visit to a local clinical service. I talk to Consultant in-charge of Primary Care about arrangement of accreditation system of General Practitioners under New Medical Law system. I express my advice that General Practitioners will not receive specialist training but accreditation. All of them including front line personnel give their opinions. It is very fruitful!


Important News about Independent Hong Kong | Official Administrator Account Wiki Fandom Website June 3, 2020.

11 January 2020 | # April 29, 2020 SCMP & President of Hong Kong Nation T L

With official confirmation by USCIS at The White House and very popular search term of Independent Hong Kong, Tung Lam is the only result under President of Independent Hong Kong.


Reply from a Potential Donor | Dedicated Pages Apart from The White House April 2, 2020

12 January 2020 # April 13, 2020

Congratulations. This is an email from a potential donor overseas.
# reports my diamond watch news May 5, 2020.


Visit to Tuen Mun Hospital | # 7th Publication April 19, 2020 (website popularity 2017)

12 January 2020

Tung Lam as President of Independent HKN makes a visit to this hospital to meet senior staff representative. They worry about the competition between specialists and general practitioners due to narrow private market share. I assure them this will be solved with New Medical Law system and reduced cost by controlling property market value.
This website and me are both gaining popularity among several search engines including Internet Archive. Internet Archive even makes spontaneous pop-up suggestions on me.

Tung Lam President April 19, 2020.jpg

Comment on Local Sports

12 January 2020 # April 14, 2020

Many people believe I am very capable but sports. I can tell you a truth that is local citizens are always weak at sports because no one formally obtains Olympic Gold Medal. This is due to political reason of sovereignty. The surfing Olympic Gold Medal before 1997 is obtained after disqualification of original winner.


Visit to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

12 January 2020 # Recognised by MCHK

Tung Lam as President of Independent HKN makes a visit to PYNEH for endorsement. There is rumour that my internship was performed badly so I could not enter my favourite discipline. My rotation of Paediatric Internship at this hospital obtains an excellent result with remarkable reference. This is the reason I have my first Child Health Diploma from Ireland.
The Independent HKN flag shows up at major search engines.

Personal Assistant to President Donald J. Trump

13 January 2020 # April 23, 2020

Tung Lam as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN is officially Personal Assistant to President Donald J. Trump.


Congratulatory Message from President Donald J. Trump

13 January 2020

Received congratulatory message from US President Donald J. Trump to be his Personal Assistant.

Carrie Lam on Interpol | Chicago Tribune Official April 18, 2020

13 January 2020

Tung Lam is being prosecuted over the past decade due to his contemplation of Independent Hong Kong HKN.
Carrie Lam is Interpol ‘most wanted’.


Tung Lam is Known to the World

1 April 2020 HKNT

# April 20, 2020 as Official 

Tung Lam is First President of Independent Hong Kong (HKN).

Dedicated Page & MSN front page April 20

Confirmation by USCIS at The White House

13 January 2020 # April 15, 2020 WH Fellow

On Media:-
HKN Defense Secretary Contract & Paper Book Cover May 3, 2020.


Arrangement with US Air Force One

13 January 2020

This is official arrangement concerning the financial agreement at Independent HKN as Personal Assistant attached to President Donald J. Trump.


This Website Archived at Internet Archive as Official

13 January 2020 # April 23, 2020

The official website of Independent HKN is archived at Internet Archive after its official establishment. INDEPENDENTHKN.GOV is officially registered and recognised by The White House & United Nations on 24 February 2020.

HKN Sat 1 April 23, 2020.jpg

Tung Lam - My Nation My Lord My Love Published by The White House at Docdroid & Oxford University Press (OUP)

13 January 2020 # April 20, 2020

# Google verified with top priority June 1, 2020.

You must read this booklet about my contemplation of Independent Hong Kong. This is written by myself and firstly published by The White House at Docdroid and then by Oxford University Press (OUP). You may find this link at Internet Archive. Overall views are above millions internationally.


Visit to Shek Kong Military Camp

13 January 2020

I spend a night at Shek Kong Military Camp Yuen Long to prepare the site for United States Military. Here we have a military airport.
News about Tung Lam as First President of Independent Hong Kong at Time Magazine which is related to handover of hospitals to New Medical Law system.


Contact The White House Oval Office for Confirmation of Financial Agreement at HKN and Time Magazine News

13 January 2020 # April 23, 2020

Tung Lam as First President of Independent Hong Kong makes a direct call to The White House Oval Office for confirmation of financial agreement at HKN and news related to Tung Lam at Time Magazine about New Medical Law system.

HKN Sat 4 April 23, 2020.jpg

Visit to Old Military Camp at Jordan

14 January 2020

I make another visit to this old military camp at Jordan which can be rebuilt for United States Military use.
News by Asiatimes about Tung Lam as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN and his personal booklet.

The White House Contact | # Time Most Powerful

14 January 2020 # April 14, 2020

The White House contacts me through email to congratulate my worldwide popularity of official news at Time and Asiatimes.

Time Most Influential.jpg

Official News Tung Lam President | # Dr. Lam 2001 | # CH Tung Agreement February 1, 2020 Hotbot

14 January 2020 # April 16, 2020

1. Time Magazine (Time Most Influential & front cover of US additional issue October 2019) - searchencrypt ‘tung lam time magazine’

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6. Baltimore Magazine

7. US Vogue

8. WHITEHOUSE.GOV at Pinterest

9. Dr. Lam Tung 2001 Lifein.HK Profile - Where Everything Starts

10. # First Time - me & CH Tung on Gigablast (from CE Candidate with democratic votings to Listed Presidency)


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