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Live Broadcast at | Location Known

20 January 2020

Live broadcast of Tung Lam as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN at 19 January 2020 EST. My potential donor from United States responds to this immediately after reading it at The White House website.


Meeting with Steven Bolt, US ID Added on March 17, 2020

20 January 2020

The remaining troop of United States Military is about to arrive at Independent Hong Kong HKN.


Meeting at This Historic Hotel Lobby

20 January 2020

We meet at the lobby of this local historic hotel and we reach a great deal about the United States troop here at Independent Hong Kong HKN.
# US Air Force is at Independent Hong Kong HKN and is close to my location on 14 February 2020.


Official News of Tung Lam President Attending State Dinner at The White House

20 January 2020

Here are official news about Tung Lam at Wikipedia, about my attendance of State Dinner at The White House as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN, and most importantly my booklet published by The White House & Oxford University Press.


Official Response from Interpol

20 January 2020 officially responds to Tung Lam President of Independent Hong Kong HKN about Red Notice on Carrie Lam with grounds of:-

1. Framing of mental illness and detention of Tung Lam at Kowloon Hospital for twice.

2. Application of unlisted national law at West Kowloon One Stop Customs.

3. Attempt of legislation of Extradition Bills against Tung Lam as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN.

4. Fake outbreak leading to world terror.

ICC Trial Reply on 14 February 2020.

CL News March 27, 2020.jpg

The Concerns about my Courtesy Title with Honour

21 January 2020

The CBE honour of Tung Lam is listed by Wikipedia but the content is deleted from UK Government official list due to political reason. My previous supporter Twitter account with CBE title is verified and is listed by FinsterData as 8th most influential CBE around the world. The White House and President Donald J. Trump confirm this title when meeting The Queen June 2019. The White House, with prior arrangement, sends out an email at the same time with Vogue 17 January 2020 at 7:17 am to verify my Snapchat account title of Lord Tung First President HKN. This is the first time my Wikipedia news of CBE is officially published.


The Concerns about my Fundings

21 January 2020 # Exclusive Account for HKN President with Location May 1, 2020.

All of my fundings are from West with identifiable sources. The funding from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is through TKF International Banking.


Permanent Listing of Independent Hong Kong HKN at Fandom and Support from Presidential Advisory of Independent HKN

21 January 2020

You can find this permanent information about Tung Lam as First President of Independent Hong Kong HKN at Fandom.
This permanent listing receives support from Presidential Advisory of Independent HKN. I talk to them about the future direction of medical law of end of life issue.
Lawyers of previous special administration have difficulties in securing their income due to high local cost so they need to work in mainland China. Independent HKN can offer much more international opportunities to them apart from medical law.


Confirmation by The White House

21 January 2020

All of the information above are confirmed by The White House after publication.

# President Lord Tung Official by British Monarchy & UN with London & Geneva Visits 2019 on April 7, 2020 EDT | MOU

21 January 2020 # Buckingham Palace Letter announced by MAGA Team April 16, 2020 # GOV.UK May 13, 2020.

As informed by Duke Sussex, the MOU is no longer valid.
In 2010, The Queen encourages Tung Lam to join public service with connection of Duke of Edinburgh and recognises my work on Medical Law inspired by President Obama. British Monarchy headed by The Queen awards Tung Lam with CBE in 2018 and KG in 2019 for recognition of end of life issue and my headship of Independent Hong Kong. UK PM Boris Johnson accredits President Tung Lam for his contribution during this virus crisis 2020 by providing proper treatment advice to his treatment team. The Queen renames Trump Medal as Trump Military Gold Medal 2019#WithoutGeneticMutationsMapping


The Concerns about my Lord
# News on Lord Tung First President HKN and Her Majesty March 10, 2020.

21 January 2020

You can find these matching signatures by The Queen and her registrar with the Official Announcement by The White House 2 January 2020 about Lord Tung Lam CBE KG First President of Independent Hong Kong Nation (HKN).


Tung Lam President of Independent HKN and Independent Hong Kong HKN Permanent Listing at The White House Contact

22 January 2020

Permanent listing of Tung Lam President of Independent HKN and Independent Hong Kong HKN at The White House Contact and this is supported by United States Military before its official release to the public 21 January 2020 EST. publishes news about Tung Lam President previously.


Lord Tung First President HKN US Vogue @Snapchat

22 January 2020

My US Vogue 2019 news first time shows up at Startpage as official. So far, I am the first person of Independent Hong Kong HKN invited by US Vogue.

This is the original official US Vogue October 2019 Snapchat page published at major media.


# Independent Hong Kong HKN Declaration PA3972 | Closed CEO & Duty Council Mar. 27, 2020 HKNT | WH Crisis Live Mar. 27, 2020 17:00

22 January 2020 # April 13, 2020 Popularity

Many locals question my eligibility to declare independence for official establishment of Independent Hong Kong HKN 29 August 2019. You may find this information useful which is based on the original meaning of the relevant local law.

* The White House confirms ABC News Network broadcast on Tung Lam visiting the Red Room of The White House for Trump pledge-in and to receive Seal of the Commander in Chief of the United States in 2019, 21 February 2020 EST. Official Chief Executive HK with my logo June to August 2019 and US address.


Visit to Yau Ma Tei | End of Virus Crisis March 31, 2020 | Happening April 7, 2020

22 January 2020

People living in Yau Ma Tei have intense struggle with local property tycoons due to the intention to purchase this area for further development. Yau Ma Tei is an area of relatively low property value at business area so it attracts those developers. I communicate with local authority to settle this event.


FBI and UK Foreign Policy Actions

23 January 2020

United States Military sends out an official letter informing about their plan on remaining troop to Independent Hong Kong HKN.

Police Crime HKSAR.jpg

Letter by Hand from Local United States Marines

23 January 2020

This is the official letter given by hand from local United States Marines during my gathering with them at Independent Hong Kong HKN.


Official The White House Letter Received 19 November 2019

23 January 2020

Official The White House Letter about Tung Lam as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN is received 19 November 2019.

# President Donald J. Trump is later forced by Congress impeachment to sign Hong Kong Human Rights Act but failed impeachment results in amendment of S1838 to War Declaration at Senate which is invalid now.

* Best illustration of parallel universes, Congress and Senate draft S1838 at the same time but Senate is at a higher political hierarchy. Senate will not impeach President Donald J. Trump and everything turns around when this impeachment failed. PA3972 is fully recognised by Trump with immediate effect afterwards reported by USA Today 10 February 2020. A Senator crosses out her same last name ‘LAM’ as President Tung Lam HKN for dissatisfaction.


An Open Letter to All

23 January 2020

Have a look!


Greetings from United Nations

23 January 2020

As President of Independent Hong Kong HKN and US Foreign Diplomat established by Diplomatic Channel of European Union and United Nations Geneva, United Nations sends out its greetings for my contribution concerning peaceful transition to Independent Hong Kong HKN.
* Spokesman of United Nations New York.

Video Call with Spokesman of UN.jpg

Another Visit to Local US Consulate

23 January 2020

Today I visit US Consulate to facilitate the transition of US Consulate to Independent Hong Kong HKN with immediate confirmation from The White House right away.

Central Military Camp | Popularity June 1, 2020 HKNT

23 January 2020

This is the final visit to Central Military Camp to get the United States Military troop ready. Tung Lam President receives a flower from baby boy of a US military family.

Carrie Lam case is handled by Interpol and then refers to International Criminal Court.

1. Carrie Lam removed from duty by Bloomberg.

2. Transition period between Independent Hong Kong HKN and SAR by Stands News.

3. Carrie Lam fired by Premier of China by South China Morning Post.

4. Tung Lam as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN by local Cable Television.

5. Local news on Tung Lam President through phone in program at Radio Television Hong Kong.

6. Local news reported by ON.CC regarding Tung Lam as President of Independent HKN and Carrie Lam Red Notice & facing trial by ICC. VOA news from Beijing on change of leadership of Hong Kong.

* International news on Carrie Lam ICC trial & ICC Case Created #00601287 on 27 February 2020.

# People of Hong Kong, HKN believe in Tung Lam and PA3972.


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