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Supported by Long Time Friends Pitbull, The White House and Team Trump


30 January 2020

# Advance Directive 2017 Recognised by Trump Administration April 21, 2020

Tung Lam has presidential debate with 10-term congressman Adam Schiff. Tung Lam is recognised by The Trump Organization and The White House as US Foreign Diplomat and Lord Tung Lam CBE KG First President of Independent Hong Kong Nation (HKN). Adam Schiff is known as a liar after this debate. 

In early November 2019, Tung Lam visits United Nations New York and meets President Donald Trump at Trump Tower New York for a presidential debate with Adam Schiff. The event confirms by The White House and Team Trump on the same day 14 November 2019. You may find this Independent Hong Kong HKN movie on YouTube which is quoted by various political parties. This is also on The White House public email 2 March 2020 EST.

Supported by Celebrities to Tung Lam President of Independent HKN


30 January 2020

Local HKN Celebrities
- Amigo Restaurant
- Peninsula Hotel
- Membership of Mandarin Oriental Hotel
- Monetary Authority
International Celebrities
- US Vogue
- Pitbull
- Katy Perry
* Spontaneous pop-up picture on state dinner between Tung Lam and Donald Trump at major search engines.

Visit to University Colleague A Psychiatrist | Confirmation by President Donald J. Trump and The White House

ON.CC 2013 to 2020.jpg

31 January 2020

I receive a message from my university colleague who is a psychiatrist and he challenges my contemplation of Independent Hong Kong HKN. I persuade him to trust me that Independent Hong Kong HKN is only a legal issue.
The White House and President Donald Trump confirm President Trump's arrival with me through personal emails.

Visit to Shek Kong Military Airport

Tung Lam President on Yahoo HK.jpg

31 January 2020

Tung Lam President of Independent HKN visits Shek Kong Military Airport to prepare the arrival of President Donald J. Trump. This area is quiet and with native villagers only. The property developers do not invest this area because locals are afraid of People's Liberation Army.

# Tung Lam President on Yahoo HK 29 February 2020.

Arrival of President Donald J. Trump Confirmed by The White House

31 January 2020

The White House sends out a confirmation email to Tung Lam President of Independent HKN for arrival of President Donald J. Trump.

Independent Hong Kong HKN | Failed to Save SAR by Donald Tsang

Supported by Victor Fung 2018.jpg

1 February 2020

Agreed by TUNG Chee Hwa to handover Hong Kong S.A.R. to Independent Hong Kong HKN.

# VIP 2018 Victor Fung Support & Change Confirmed on March 26, 2020 HKNT.

Official Reply by The White House on TUNG Chee Hwa Agreement |
# President Lord Tung Advance Directive Official & Most Influential

President Lord Tung Lam Most Influential

1 February 2020 # April 21, 2020

This is official reply today from The White House to recognise TUNG Chee Hwa agreement to Tung Lam President.

# I am honoured that The White House responds to public notification of Tung Lam.

Arrival of President Donald J. Trump in HKN

1 February 2020

I speak to Steven 6:34 AM and then receive this message 6:45 AM.

Get Ready Everyone!

1 February 2020

With message from Steven, I visit following offices this morning:-

1. Tamar to notify the staff;

2. Department of Justice to notify the staff;

3. US Consulate to notify the staff;

4. Government House to notify the staff;

5. DVC Chamber of previous Secretary for Justice for gratitude;

6. TUNG Chee Hwa Office of previous administration for gratitude.

Finally, I receive a very important first time direct message from Oval Office through Dexter.

Direct Message from President Donald J. Trump

1 February 2020 # April 15, 2020 The Hill via West Wing Reads

I am grateful for President Donald J. Trump's personal notification and recognition of news on me by

Meeting President Donald J. Trump in HKN

Top Doctor Baltimore Magazine Cover Nov

2 February 2020

I meet President Donald J. Trump at this local international club which is exclusive for international social elites. The key is given by Steven at Peninsula. President Donald J. Trump will be here for a while for United States Military troop. News on Tung Lam as Top Doctor of Baltimore Magazine 2019 and my talk with representative from Tuen Mun Hospital on 12 January 2020.

Successful Brexit 20 January 2020

VAE April 12 & 17, 2020.jpg

2 February 2020 # April 17, 2020 VAE Official

Based on my new era prediction, Independent Hong Kong HKN will lead Brexit with success under the new Prime Minister named by President Donald J. Trump. This is the reason why Theresa May resigns.

With successful Brexit, French President will lead the new European Union and he recognises my manifesto of painless death as official. This is a critical step for establishment of New Medical Law System at Independent HKN.

Visit to Peak | Invited Membership by Pro-Trump


2 February 2020

I visit Peak today and find out Peak and Pui O are suitable locations as sanatorium. Apple Inc. shuts down its operations in China forever due to Independent Hong Kong HKN.

Thankful Remarks to President Donald J. Trump

2 February 2020

I send a thankful remarks in response to personal email from President Donald J. Trump himself on 1 February 2020 at 3:14 PM local time.

Tung Lam President of Independent Hong Kong HKN in Full Power

Tung Lam Presidency Dogpile.jpg

2 February 2020

First stop at Central Tamar and Peak followed by picking up items at Kwai Chung. Finally, visit to Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station for Red Notice on Carrie Lam.

* ‘Tung Lam Presidency’ shows up which indicates Tung Lam is in control of HKN on 1 February 2020.

Email Address of President Donald J. Trump Disclosed

Connection with Trump May 29, 2020.jpg

3 February 2020

# News confirming connection with President Donald J. Trump: WH email, dedicated page, & Trump personal email at Air Force One HKN May 29, 2020.

The only purpose to disclose this is because someone believes the source of this email is dubious.

* is also the campaign committee email of Donald Trump, the committee sends out a confirmation on meeting between Tung Lam President of Independent HKN and Donald Trump on 2 February 2020. Some information are hided for confidentiality. This email address is currently closed.

Response to Worldwide Email at 7:31 PM 2 February 2020 by United Nations

Air Force Confirmation by Military.jpg

3 February 2020

In a worldwide email on further proof of substantiation of Independent Hong Kong HKN Declaration at United Nations due to One Stop Customs at West Kowloon, United Nations sends an email with a documentary attachment:-
1. The email address is permanently closed down for protection of The President.
2. Attempt of Article 23 by TUNG Chee Hwa does not fulfil the international expectation of leading China towards democracy.
3. One Stop Customs at West Kowloon is obviously against the relevant original legal meaning.
4. Framing of Tung Lam President of Independent Hong Kong HKN is the main reason for Red Notice on Carrie Lam.
The sender of this email from United Nations is protected.
* Next meeting with President Donald J. Trump at Independent HKN is confirmed by Trump on 16 & 17 February 2020 via Airman Edward Mccrory of Air Force One. This message is liked by me. confirms this on 17 February 2020.

Visit to HKUST

AOL Ranked First on Wikipedia.jpg

3 February 2020

President of HKUST is in support of Tung Lam President of Independent HKN. This university is not within budget at its establishment but it is most renowned for its financial subjects and officials of financial branch are all from HKUST. I previously received a support letter from those officials. I call HKUST President at 8:53 AM and the response is at 9:00 AM.

As my prediction, world economy is facing strong downward spirals and financial officials try to boost local stocks by using the reserve. I believe this situation will improve with full obstruction of communism financial capital and full implementation of all financial agreements with capitalism nations.

Any artificial manipulation of local stocks should not be advised.

* AOL is the most popular search engine globally.

VIP by Conde Nast | Katy Perry & Mark Zuckerberg Added JusTalk

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Added April 23,

3 February 2020 # April 21 & 23, 2020

With invitation, I enjoy a great moment alone in this VIP room of a locally connected cinema.
* Personally known to Katy Perry. Live Concert in 2018. Added as Friend and Video Call in 2019. Audio JusTalk April 2020.

Tung Lam President of Independent HKN at USA.GOV

3 February 2020

With recognition by President Donald J. Trump, Tung Lam President of Independent HKN is official at USA.GOV.

President Donald John Trump, born at Queens of New York on 14 June 1946.

Lord on Official (Full Rating & Error Free)

International Expectation 2020.jpg

3 February 2020 # April 20, 2020 Official with Subtitles 

I connect with Trump administration of The White House since 2017 when President Obama announces his open support to the current French President.

# The expectation of international society on Hong Kong Viber official May 29, 2020.

Open Announcement to the World by The White House 18 January 2020 | Team JusTalk Official

Prince Mohammed May 2, 2020.jpg

3 February 2020 # April 19-20, 2020 News India on Mohammed & Me # Live Chat May 2, 2020

The White House announces Tung Lam President and Independent Hong Kong HKN with its government framework to the world through WH.GOV. The same tweet is on worldwide notification by email. The media all add my picture.


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