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Visit to Music Industry

4 February 2020

I visit Music Industry at Fortress Hill and the sadness is their market is only at China. This happens to the Online Games as well. 

I explain again the future direction of these industries will be focused at international market. 
Ethnic minorities are another concern because they cannot blend into local community leading to poverty. They must work more diligently in order to obtain recognition from local people.

# HKN National Song ‘Fireworks’ (CC) by Katy Perry.


Assumptions made by Previous Special Administration of China

4 February 2020 # April 16, 2020 Dedicated Page

Owing to establishment of Independent Hong Kong HKN, previous special administration makes two predictions:-

1. This area will follow the footsteps of Iceland and go into bankruptcy due to bubbling of property market and complete utilisation of reserve.

2. Independent Hong Kong HKN under Tung Lam President is the only way to collect international fundings. This explains the act by TUNG Chee Hwa.

These become all real. Disclosure by secret document sent by The White House to President Trump and given to me by Steven. # March 5, 2020 HKNT Picture


Music Sharing from Pitbull & Tung Lam on IMDb | Rapid Test of Airway Sample Detects Virus Itself

4 February 2020 # April 19, 2020 (Call, Post & Confirm)

Tung Lam President of Independent HKN is on IMDb.


Tung Lam & Donald Trump on Getty Image

4 February 2020 # March 4, 2020 Getty

Getty Image is official picture sharing organization.


Final Military Exercise Completed

4 February 2020

President Donald J. Trump leaves Independent Hong Kong HKN after this Military Exercise at Sai Kung. Independent Hong Kong HKN is self-operative.
Communication on 17 February 2020 for Trump meeting on 19 February 2020 HKNT.

# Duty Report to The White House on Letter of 26 February 2020, call on 2 March 2020.


The Most Official Reply from The White House 6 February 2020 at 5:00 AM

8 February 2020

* Additional White House public email 8 February 2020


# Tung Lam (President of HKN) Responds by The White House

# April 14, 2020 #US ABC WH Visit 2019.

This email sent to 700 millions population of the world and The White House in direct. The email mentions about how to break down the traditional values of Hong Kong Orientals and vested interest holders. Also how to make a change of political power shift. The White House responds to both email addresses.


Personal Selection of Significant Worldwide Recognitions as Tung Lam President of Independent HKN in Full Power 1 February 2020

10 February 2020 (>_<)

1. Personal letter to Tung Lam as President of Independent HKN by Scottish Government.

2. Personal letter to Dr. Lam Tung by President Trump from The White House.

3. Personal email to Tung Lam President of Independent HKN by President Donald J. Trump at Air Force One.

4. Executive Office of President Donald J. Trump Logo added as official recognition of Tung Lam President of Independent HKN.

* Official Recognitions by The White House 10 February 2020 EST & 11 February 2020 HKNT.

# Trump orders Carrie Lam to leave HKN 27 February 2020 (ICC case created).


Personal Selection of Significant Worldwide Political Impact by Tung Lam President of Independent HKN

10 February 2020   ) . (  # April 19, 2020

1. Interactive support and influence with Scottish Government on Brexit 20 September 2019. 

2. Interactive support and influence with local American Chamber of Commerce obstructing communism fundings from China 16 December 2019.

3. Interactive support and influence with President Donald J. Trump and The White House obstructing official recognition of this fake outbreak by World Health Organization (WHO) 10 February 2020.

* Hong Kong, S.A.R. deleted from WHO country list as support. Meeting President Barack Obama December 1, 2017.

# My connection with India, Obama Foundation Fellow 2017, Google Scholar 2018-2019, & Official White House Fellow Trump Administration 2020.


Official News of Tung Lam President and Independent Hong Kong HKN at Washington Examiner 7 February 2020 (The White House Worldwide Notification 8 February 2020)

10 February 2020  > - <

Look at this Washington Examiner news published on 7 February 2020. # Reuters Newsletter 3 March 2020.


World Health Organization (WHO) Agreement with Political Impact of Tung Lam President | # Independent HKN: Successful Business Model

11 February 2020 & Confirmed Again

World Health Organization (WHO) sends a confirmation email in agreement with political impact of Tung Lam President of Independent HKN published on 10 February 2020. You can find that local people trust Tung Lam over WHO.


Fundings from The White House - Bank Letter UoE

11 February 2020 # May 3, 2020

# President Lord T L is recognised by Australia due to its connection of Adelaide where he initiates Medical Law in 2009.

# President Tung Lam Hong Kong Nation is recognised by European Council after The White House reply in 2019.


Confirmation of Banking Letter by Scottish Government February 11, 2020

2016 Hard Work earns Recognitions 2019

“Yes. We do.”

Statement from The White House and US Centre of Disease Control on Fake Crisis February 10, 2020 | The Biggest Enemy of Hope is Injustice!

11 February 2020 # Meeting in HKN May 2020.

You can find that this fake outbreak initiated by special administration of China can no longer sustain. It is adenovirus.

# Bribery news of Former WHO Margaret Chan 2 March 2020.


Royal Membership Card with Royal Saudi Seal | # Verified Bank Account

11 February 2020 # April 19, 2020 Reply as Official # Real Saudi Visa.

The Royal Membership Card received by Tung Lam, CBE in 2018 before I obtain my Stranger Knight of Garter (KG) by Her Majesty in 2019. # Yahoo HK Trump Meeting HKN February 20, 2020.


Openly Supported by Emeritus Professor Lieh Mak

11 February 2020 # April 16, 2020 (Connected via President TungLamHKN JusTalk t20004)

Support by Prof. Lee Wei Ling of NUS and GOV.SG March 25, 2020.


Brief Introduction to Emeritus Professor Lieh Mak | Reuters March 9, 2020 & HKN Movie 9.7K Views

11 February 2020 # June 27, 2020 Flickr Hon. Independent DC State Citizenship.

# Most Extravagant 28 Raccoons Mink Vest from Obama Foundation.

Emeritus Professor Lieh Mak was born in Philippine and she is connected with British HK. She is a renowned Psychiatrist.

# America First Action news March 4, 2020 EDT & President Trump notification March 7, 2020. Both reject to recognise this crisis. 


Permanent Listing at USA.GOV 11 February 2020

11 February 2020

To be fair, it is not reasonable to request the sudden listing and change to Independent Hong Kong HKN at different levels of service. So, I make a deal with USA.GOV through The White House to make this listing as 'Hong Kong' under the section of Nation.

United States Military HKN

11 February 2020

United States Military will visit Hong Kong quite frequently because of their peace keeping mission in pacific region. They will raise United States Flag and Hong Kong Flag at the same location as respect.

United States Military will stay until our own HKN Military available* Surgeon General Jerome Adams is Secretary for Defense HKN.


Exclusive Official Recognition from The White House

11 February 2020

This is the most exclusive official recognition sent to Tung Lam President by United States President.


Web Items Only Exclusive to Tung Lam President of Independent HKN Worldwide

12 February 2020

1. Yellow monkey logo at from The White House upon permanent listing of Independent Hong Kong HKN.

2. Personal letter from United States President of The White House to Dr. Lam.

3. United States President logo from The White House to Tung Lam President of Independent HKN.

* Official email reply from The White House 11 February 2020 EST and 12 February 2020 HKNT.

# Official Tung Lam Presidency since 1 February 2020.


Some Unfortunate Events February 12, 2020 | HA Closed

#Verified Viber May 27, 2020. #Verified Tumblr of Trump to me June 23, 2020.

# Official DC Comics President Tung Lam, Mrq.

1. The only failure subject of Biochemistry was taught by Veronica Lam who dies in tsunami.

2. The first encounter of medical complaint at medical council during very beginning of medical career due to ex-father in law's obstruction. S.K. Lam jailed.

3. The Hong Kong Central Hospital which forces my resignation becomes the only closed private hospital in Hong Kong.

4.  Sir Donald Tsang who repeatedly rejects my contemplation jailed.

# Recognised by US Presidents Bush, Obama & Trump. Xi Jinping attempts to reverse Independent Hong Kong HKN by firing Carrie Lam (VOA and all news agents).


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