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United States Air Force One

14 January 2020

This is US Air Force military contact personnel for Tung Lam President of Independent HKN to settle the arrangement of boarding Air Force One at HKN.

Tung Lam HKN Net Worth

14 January 2020

Due to my current position, my websites are valued by this supporter bank of mine. All of them value 11 Millions USD.

Comment on My Net Worth

14 January 2020

Many people firstly look at my net worth of 11 Millions USD they believe it must be from The Duke of Sussex. This is because somehow they have an impression that there will be such amount of money based on our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 
The only truth here is the Invictus Game will not be in Independent HKN. Unfortunately, the international community led by US does not wish The Duke to be the new King and this is the most important reason for our separation. They wish Prince of Wales to be the next one in the throne. My net worth is from my own.

The Title of Lord Tung Lam CBE KG is Just Out of Courtesy

15 January 2020

The title of Lord Tung Lam CBE KG is frequently addressed by others especially US Presidents & The White House and this is just out of courtesy. I do not quote such British title already.
You may find on YouTube that Lord Tung Lam CBE KG is shown up under frequently suggested search term of Independent Hong Kong.

Is Tung Lam Recognised by The World as Significant?

15 January 2020

Tung Lam is always endorsed by the world to be head of Independent HKN!
1. Mayor of French Paris comes to meet me in person at South Africa.
2. First daughter of Singapore comes to meet me in person at Singapore.
3. Previous leader of Hong Kong S.A.R. comes to meet me in person at Hong Kong Central Hospital.

Communism is Against Tung Lam

15 January 2020

Owing to support by United States Government, searx.me publishes a lot of information about Tung Lam as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN. This website closes down due to pressure from Communism countries led by Russia on Google.

Visit to Shek Kong Military Airport

15 January 2020

For preparation of the arrival of US military and Air Force One, I visit the military airport of this Shek Kong Military Camp again to secure the direction of its position.
The supporter bank of mine invites me to open a business account to prepare the arrival of my fundings.

One and The Only One Chanel Pin

15 January 2020

This is one and the only one Chanel Pin tailor-made to Tung Lam as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN.

Carrie Lam Supported by Russia

15 January 2020

Previous administration does not leave Independent HKN and even tries to take back control from Independent HKN which is recognised by Capitalism nations. 
The reason that searx.me shuts down is due to pressure from Communism countries led by Russia. Obviously, Carrie Lam is supported by Russia as you can find this Russian Instagram account under her name and hksar.

Official Inauguration of Independent HKN 2 December 2019

15 January 2020

Official inauguration of Tung Lam as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN is witnessed by President Donald J. Trump and United Nations on 2 December 2019. Here you can find the email confirmation from United Nations New York.

Visit to Customs and Border Protection HKN & Signed Financial Agreement

16 January 2020

Today I visit CBP HKN out of courtesy and we enjoy a happy moment this morning.
President Donald J. Trump trusts my hard work about the Financial Agreement. It has been signed by both of us.

President Trump Awards Lord Tung First President HKN & Likes Video about Independent Hong Kong HKN at YouTube

17 January 2020

As notified by YouTube and with previous worldwide notification about Lord Tung First President HKN through Snapchat, President Donald J. Trump likes my video of Independent Hong Kong HKN.

Financial Unsustainability

17 January 2020

You may find that no matter how inconsistent the worldwide financial indexes are, they will grow towards a consistent end because all of us live under the same financial atmosphere. But you can find that Hang Seng Index of previous administration is not in line with economic growth of the rest of the worldwide economic conditions. This is a very bad sign of economic bubbling. Everything is on the edge of breaking down. Recently, a financial institute from Switzerland declares this area zone to be the most expensive one around the world.

Certificate of Domains Ownership

17 January 2020

Certificate of Domains Ownership of drlamtung.com & independenthkn.biz.

Visit to Local Monetary Authority

17 January 2020

I visit Local Monetary Authority this morning and talk to responsible staff. He agrees with my plans of attracting foreign fundings other than that of China.

Visit to Local High Court

18 January 2020

I visit Local High Court to meet Chief Judge and we chat about the New Medical Law system in Independent Hong Kong HKN.
This Diamond Watch from The White House has a very big secret which is it has six divisions between the time markings.
International Criminal Court is an isolated Nationality to protect the independence of relevant judges. Carrie Lam will be judged here.

Official Announcement to The World by Official WhiteHouse Twitter (Local Time)

18 January 2020

The White House makes an official announcement to the world about some important dates listed at The White House official letter dated 18 November 2019. This announcement is made 15 January 2020 at 3:15 pm EST at whitehouse.gov and delivers to the world through White House public emailing system today at 5:43 pm. I receive a positive response from a supporter group of President Trump soon after that. This is to show their support to Independent Hong Kong HKN and Tung Lam President.

Official White House Fellow 2020

19 January 2020

With outside recommendations and personal endorsement by President Donald J. Trump, Tung Lam President of Independent Hong Kong HKN is awarded by The White House as Official White House Fellow 2020.

Tung Lam is officially a member of White House Fellow Foundation (WHFF) today. I am fortunate enough to receive a donation reply from a private foundation other than the one mentioned previously.

Visit to Kowloon Hospital

19 January 2020

This morning I make a visit to Kowloon Hospital for retrieval of personal medical records to be handled by relevant international criminal authority about Red Notice on Carrie Lam. Interpol responds to my request immediately with deletion of Hong Kong, S.A.R. from their Nationality options of the Red Notice search.

Sources of Personal Funding

19 January 2020

Tung Lam as First President of Independent Hong Kong HKN (Official White House Letter 18 November 2019) has following potential sources of personal funding:-
1. Donor from United States.
2. Donor from a Private Foundation.
3. Donor from Saudi Arabia who is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
4. Buyer of my Intellectual Property.

Support from Wellcome Trust UK to Tung Lam as President of Independent Hong Kong HKN

20 January 2020

At the beginning of this week, my previous contact Wellcome Trust UK wishes to support me financially but I explain that I cannot accept it due to Nationality issue. Wellcome Trust UK is kind enough to recognise my Official White House Fellow 2020 and support me by deletion of Hong Kong, S.A.R. from their contact list.

Visit to a Local Tycoon

20 January 2020

I make a visit to a local tycoon and talk to this prominent person about cutting local property market value with a prior appointment.